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https://www.desposynimovie.com Amora survives the Roman Conquest and ends up in Judea, where she takes up with the followers of the Rabboni — who is soon assassinated. The Mari of Magdala flees, and Amora travels with her to a Temple Complex in Egypt. Mari gives birth to Sara.

All is well for five years until Rome catches up with them. There is a siege and a massacre at the Temple Complex. Amora escapes with Sara into the labyrinth below. They flee by boat. Their tiny boat ends up free-floating off the coast of Gaul, where they are rescued by local fishermen.

In Gaul, Sara performs a mass healing and becomes a legend. Amora is reunited with her mother. After three years, the ships of Joseph of Arimathea appear on thehorizon. Mari is on one of the ships and reunites with Sara. Together, they all sail off for the Isle of Glass to build the first Christian Church.

Fredric Schwartz
Penny Adamopoulos
Susan Michels
Richard Chiu
Pierre Romain
Jean Galliano
Tonya Kay

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