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https://www.taboocandymovie.com JEZEL and MARA are high school sophomores whose parents are barely present. Mara is an emancipated minor whose Father; PASCAL is a local Rock Star. Her best friend, JEZEL spends most of her time trying to survive her alcoholic Father, TONY, and her emotionally distant Mother, LENA.

Mara’s college drop-out boyfriend, MATT introduces her to the porn industry — where she attains some notoriety and success in spreads and on covers of Skin Mags. Jezel becomes involved and entangled with RAF, an older, married man and the front man for the Rock Band, HOTEL BARDO.

Taboo Candy illustrates how simply the young can get lost in a society filled with predators. This is not a Hero’s Journey. There are no heroes here, just two young girls trying to save their own lives and not always being success.

Fredric Schwartz

Jean Galliano
Nina Medley
Erran Booker

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