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After being shot while breaking into someone’s home, a Teen Addict, JOSE’ has a Near Death Experience [N.D.E.] where he is confronted by a Demon and whisked away into a dark place. The Demon proceeds to beat him and knock him around in the darkness. Jose’ fights back unto exhaustion. Defeated, he falls remorseful and apologetic. His MOTHER’S PRAYERS can be heard, and light begins to illuminate the darkness.

The light gathers into the shape of a being – a LIGHT BEING. The Light Being leads Jose’ out of the darkness and into a bountiful garden where the light is revealed to be an aura around the person of the LORD JESUS. The Lord gives Jose’ a new name and sends him back to his body to do “…the work he was sent to do.” To everyone’s amazement, Jose’ awakens after being dead for nine minutes. He becomes a great Artist and brings art to children in his community.

We have partnered with Alma Pictures to first create a graphic novel which will be illustrated by award winning artist Chetan Sharma, animagic studios. After the book is released, phase two will be the production of a short film.

Fredric Schwartz
Allison Weaver
Romel Dias

Jean Galliano


Chetan Sharma


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